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The Innovation Centres: industry engagement

Wednesday, 28th June 2017
Innovation Centres

Industry-led and industry-aligned

Scotland’s Innovation Centres (ICs) have a unique mix of industry experience, connections and real-time knowledge, gained from our intense engagement with industry. This spans the whole spectrum of our sectors from spinouts and SMEs, to international companies and investors.

Guiding this industry engagement are clear goals: simplifying innovation, and helping deliver commercial and economic benefits from cost efficiencies to growth.

How to engage with the ICs

Because we know that businesses have different goals and ways of working, there are many ways to engage with us and receive support:

  • information-sharing events
  • workshops and company meetings to identify innovation needs
  • project involvement and collaboration
  • postgraduate placements
  • signposting to other innovation support or funding
  • business development, technical or project management support
  • skills development.

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