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BE-ST (Built Environment – Smarter Transformation)

Formerly Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, our new name reflects our commitment to the sector. Built Environment – Smarter Transformation is what we strive to help the whole industry embrace.

Our mission is to accelerate the built environment’s transition to zero carbon emissions.

‘Accelerate to Zero’ is our road map that we are building to ensure any problems posed by building or retrofitting to zero carbon standards have ready-made solutions in place.

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Areas of focus

We work in a unique space between industry, academia and government to find the best outcomes for all.  The types of organisation we work with include:

  • Architects, suppliers, contractors, developers, housebuilders
  • Industry leaders, policy makers and key stakeholders
  • Scotland’s universities and colleges
  • Professional bodies and trades associations
  • Funders
  • Skills bodies and providers
  • Local authorities and other public sector organisations
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Enabling transformational change.

We build teams that will solve the sector’s most pressing challenges. By tapping into the leading expertise of universities, colleges, research & other built environment experts, BE-ST provides the connections and culture to make big ideas a reality.

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Connect with experts

We can connect you to the best expertise for your business, help you capitalise on opportunities and overcome potential challenges. Please get in touch to see how we can help you.

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  • Built Environment - Smarter Transformation, Unit 3B, 3 Watt Place, Hamilton International Technology Park,Blantyre G72 OAG


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