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CENSIS (Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems )

Sensing, imaging and IoT opportunities for Scotland

CENSIS is a centre of excellence for Sensor and Imaging Systems (SIS) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. CENSIS enables leading industry innovators and world-class university researchers to collaborate at the forefront of market-focused SIS and IoT innovation, developing products and services for global markets.

Working with industry to support collaborative R&D projects in response to company need, CENSIS helps assemble fundable projects and guides industry to leverage finance through partnering with the Scottish research community. They also offer opportunities for employee training and development, and chances to recruit bright graduates for your organisation via PhD programmes and the four-year Engineering Doctorate (EngD) degree.

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Key markets

Sensor and Imaging Systems and Internet of Things are key enabling technologies to achieve quality, efficiency and performance across a range of key markets including:

  • Manufacturing and logistics
  • Subsea, offshore and marine
  • Natural and build environment
  • Renewables, energy extraction and energy generation
  • Defence
  • Intelligent transport
  • Agriculture
  • Life sciences
  • Food and drink
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Creative collaboration

CENSIS bridges the gap between university research and industrial uptake, providing a supportive and business-friendly environment for companies of all sizes across a range of markets. CENSIS offers support to develop SIS and IoT projects and in finding resources to realise SIS and IoT objectives. They also have in-house engineering and project management capabilities to become one of your project delivery partners should this be required.

CENSIS can help you:

  • Respond to technical challenges
  • Transform ideas into new products and services
  • Identify and deliver innovation for your business
  • Access research experts from across the university base
  • Connect you to a wider network of companies
  • Identify elements in a project supply chain to allow the creation of collaborative projects with greater strategic impact
  • Build a consortium of collaborating companies through our wider industry and end-user connections

Connect with experts

Work with CENSIS to access:

  • Expertise in sensor systems and IoT and their applications including our cross-sectoral knowledge base
  • In-house engineering and project management capabilities
  • An understanding of full supply chains to optimise exploitation opportunities
  • Relationships with academic partners and capabilities in Scotland’s world-leading universities
  • A network of funders and strategic partners


  • CENSIS, 3rd floor, Inovo Building, 121 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD


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