CSIC (Construction Scotland Innovation Centre)

Instigate – Facilitate – Innovate

CSIC supports Scotland’s construction related businesses to innovate, collaborate and grow by matching innovation requirements with business support and academic specialists.

CSIC is interacting with businesses at all levels to pull together tailored innovation support for the construction industry across Scotland. Using market intelligence over the last five years CSIC have developed priority themes, these are:

  • Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Advanced construction
  • Energy and ICT
  • Design and performance

Areas of focus

CSIC supports industry-led projects around the following forms of innovation:

  • Business innovation
  • Product innovation
  • Process innovation
  • Service innovation

Creative collaboration

CSIC seeks to facilitate collaboration between businesses, academia and the public sector to build scale and create win-win situations.

CSIC can help you to develop your ideas by offering:

  • Support to help you access innovation expertise
  • Access to prototyping and testing facilities
  • Facilitation of training and education
  • Collaboration, networking, partnering and knowledge sharing opportunities
  • Access to potential funding

Connect with experts

We can connect you to the best expertise for your business, help you capitalise on opportunities and overcome potential challenges. Please get in touch to see how we can help you.


  • Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, Unit 3B, 3 Watt Place, Hamilton International Technology Park,Blantyre G72 OAG


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