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PMS-IC (Precision Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre)

The right drug for the right patient at the right time

PMS-IC is a unique collaboration in life sciences. They have brought together leading experts from industry, the National Health Service (NHS) and academia with the common aim of developing safer, more effective therapies and diagnostic tools for the management of chronic diseases.

PMS-IC operates from a purpose-built facility at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow which contains a 10,000ft2 laboratory and high performance computing centre (HPC). Partner organisations including Aridhia are co-located creating a true centre of excellence in precision medicine with capability to directly access NHS clinicians and patients.

Laboratory worker with pipette

Areas of interest

PMS-IC areas of interest include:

  • Unique and sustainable capability in precision medicine
  • Aim to improve treatment of acute and chronic diseases
  • Provide new tools for healthcare providers
  • Support and develop new and better targeted medicines
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Creative collaboration

PMS-IC works with a range of organisations including:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies – both local or global – in need of research and clinical development support
  • Healthcare providers looking to optimise treatment options
  • Organisations in need of consultancy and other technical support in precision medicine
  • Medical diagnostic companies looking to develop disease-specific genetic based screening panels
  • Academic institutions seeking collaboration partners for individual research projects
  • Life sciences companies looking for local genetic sequencing expertise and support outside the fields of human health
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Connect with experts

The Precision Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre concept has been successfully tested using key projects in the fields of ovarian cancer, oesophageal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, COPD, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis to answer pharmacogenomics questions.

Appropriate access can be afforded to PMS-IC clients and partner organisations in order to support their own commercial product development and other bespoke projects can be established to suit clients’ specific needs.

PMS-IC partners with leading centres of expertise in Scotland including:

  • Medical schools of the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh – with access to leading clinical investigators
  • The four largest NHS Boards – Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Grampian, Lothian and Tayside – which have access to over 80% of the Scottish population
  • Companies including ThermoFisher, with their unique Ion Torrent™ NGS sequencing platform and Aridhia Informatics with their long experience in managed services around big data, computing applications and analytics
  • A network of partner companies offering additional genome sequencing platforms and other specific service companies with unparalleled local expertise in the delivery of precision medicine solutions

PMS-IC wants to apply their strengths in Precision Medicine to your challenges. Their unique proposition includes:

  • Access to a population base of 5.3 million – large enough for meaningful analysis yet relatively tractable and stable
  • Over 99% of the population receives its healthcare provision through a single healthcare provider – the NHS
  • Electronic health record system operating on a national scale with a unique common field identifier (CHI number) allowing characterisation and longitudinal follow up of well-defined patient cohorts
  • Significant incidence of major chronic disease for study
  • Genotype and phenotype data generated from Scottish cohorts with global application

Contact PMS-IC


  • PMS-IC, Level 3, Teaching and Learning Centre, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, 1345 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 4TF


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